I Need Some Motivation

I Need Some Motivation

Hey !

I'm so excited to help you get your mojo back! In this course, you will learn all about habits, SMART goals, the importance of accountability, your mindset, and the three C's.

Week 1 

  • unlock the secrets to what habits really are
  • learn how we can change bad ones and create good ones

Week 2 

  • SMART goals
  • Create one small, SMART goal to complete during this course
    • I'll guide you through this step by step
    • By completing a goal, you'll gain momentum

Week 3 

  • Discover the difference between fixed vs growth mindset
  • Learn different ways to keep a growth mindset

Week 4 

  • Learn about the three C's
    • Choice
    • Connection
    • Competence

5 Modules


Just a little prework before we get started!

It's all about habits, baby!

This is where we will dive in and take a better look at habits (good and bad).

Let's get SMART


Now that we've learned how to turn a bad habit into a good one, it's time to start learning the SMART way to create goals.

Get In the Right Mindset

are you ready to fix that mindset?

The Three C's

We are learning all about the three C's this week!

Modules for this product 5
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